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As a photographer I can definitely appreciate and enjoy other people's work when it comes to any kind of art; not just photography. Recently I was searching online for some photography communities that I could get involved in and I found a few really interesting one's. These aren't regular image sites like that of Image Shack or Photo Bucket, but real communities where people can take their photos and post them online to share with other people.

The aim of these sites is it to categorize information in order to present typical impressions of a spot, of its nature, technique and industry, history, architecture and the people who are living there, allowing at the same time for a simple and intuitive access to the true gems of our surrounding world.

These sites are also terrific for the travelers out there because it also allows you to share places you have visited and share places you think other people would enjoy visiting. I signed up for an account and here is how it works. Simply upload any photos you might have (if applicable) and then add some information to the photos such as; category, title, spot, and external links. So it might look something like this:

Photo Image Here
Title Venice At Sunset
User yournamehere
Spot: Venice Italy
Categories: Italy, Rome, Sunset, Venice

Pretty easy stuff. Then, people can vote on your photo, view and even comment the photograph! It's all pretty simple but it really is an incredible site for those of us that really revel in our photography and like to see what everyone else is up to as well. This would be a terrific site to join up with if you were going on a worldly travel tour. You could take pictures like a photo journal of sorts of all the places you visited, ate at, stayed at, etc.

Right now these sites have worldly places listed on the site such as Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle America, Middle East, North America, Oceania and South America. Once you click on these countries you will then be taken to cities, towns and other locales within the country. So if I pick Middle America I can, then choose from Caribbean, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Belize.

Once you pick from those places (I'll pick Costa Rica) you are then brought to a map of the Costa Rican area along with some information about Costa Rica such as description, scenery, lifestyles, architecture, historical background and much more! Plus you will also see people's photos of Costa Rica if they are available. Really these are awesome sites to join up with, and why wouldn't you take advantage of something like this especially if it's free! I really hope you enjoy these sites and start placing your photos on them immediately! Have fun!

This author is a HUGE fan of Free and rapidly growing Photo Community of Our World

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