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Many of the online "Education Business Companies", who claim to offer a fully accredited online architecture degree, are deceiving. I even heard of a company that offer what so called a 100% legal online architecture degree in only 7 days! It's true that advances in technology made it possible for universities now to offer online degrees. But, to my knowledge, there will be only one accredited online architecture degree available.So, there no fully accredited online architecture degree yet, but there will be. This program is under development, and it is expected to be available starting from July 2008. Graduates will earn an professional diploma in architecture (equivalent to master of architecture degree in some countries). This program is a cooperation between one of the worlds foremost and fastest growing online and distance education specialists universities in Canada, and a Canadian architectural organization.

A conceptual design for the program has been completed and it is now going through the first program approval steps. The only issue that they are trying to solve is the traditional classroom design studio. Many architecture classes are studio design classes where students have to build models. But at the same time, they want to move the design studio entirely online, so they could offer this degree worldwide.This degree will be offered mostly through the internet. You will also be required to work under a direct supervision of a registered architect in your local area.

What are the advantages of obtaining a degree online?

I know that most people who look to study online are those who have jobs or married with kids. Taking a class online is perfect for anyone with a job in daytime hours because of the increased flexibility it offers. Moreover, studying online can offer students the flexibility needed for such a demanding field like architecture. Students in this field of education have the ability to work their studies around their lives.

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