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Building a house matching one's imagination is a long cherished dream kept apart by everyone. There are several things one must take care of in order to make that dream come true. The first and foremost concern is to choose one of the best house plans. There are several elements involved in finding the home plan you like. The style, the architectural plans associated with it and innumerable other essentials and their blend in the right order make the house plan complete. Often you will come across several forms of custom home plans, but if you are among the choosy few then they will never satiate your views for sure. A perfect home is built by joining twigs comprising sweet dream one by one and thus your imagination obtains a body and soul and turns out to be a 'sweet home.'

Here is a brief on the few basics that need to be considered before you undertake the Herculean task of building a home, picture perfect. They mainly deal with the points related to choosing the right house plan and will no doubt be helpful to you.

· How many people will be living in the house and what are their respective ages. You must remember certain points, such as, the older members won't be able to climb the stairs, if the family is large then the house must possess multiple floors and many others.

· What is your budget? This is a big time question as much of the plan regarding building a house revolves around this factor.

· What should be the roof of the house like? In a place having snowfall, the roof should be flat; on the other hand if the area has heavy rainfall, then you will need an elevated house. You might also be in requiring the advantage of extra sunlight or much of shady backdrops.

· What is your lifestyle trend? Are the evenings quiet or you have a fascination towards entertaining lots of guests. The living area of the house should be planned likewise. You can even need privacy for the dwellers of the house belonging to the different generation.

· Above everything, you must always put importance on your taste and preference. The style and the architectural design of the house will depend on this element to a great extent. Whatever, be your choice, be it a Italian, Spanish or Mediterranean style or a ranch or even a contemporary one. You will implement your thought for sure while choosing the home plans. After all, as the house gets the complete look, it is always your turn to shout loud that, "THIS IS MY HOME". So this point depends solely on you.

Raymond Baresh is a architectural home design enthusiasts.He has traveled the world documenting designs from traditional to ultra-modern home designs. You can learn more about Raymond on his Home Plans blog.

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