Architectural Drawings | What Are Architectural Drawings and Its Benefits

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Architectural drawings are professional drawings generated by architects to display home interior or exteriors, buildings, bridges and other structures. These plans are usually highly detailed demonstration of various aspects of a building or structure. Architectural drawings can come in different forms based on the level of detail the drawings it can offer. The architectural and construction industry in many countries demand certain standards for drawings. They mostly apply to paper sizes, dimensions, symbols and blueprint markups.

There are different kinds of architectural drawings. The first is the building floor plan or its horizontal cross-section. These drawings generally show vertical view of the layout of the sections in a building. Floor plans also contain the room sizes, door and windows placements and interior furniture. They usually demonstrate an entire floor of a building at once, so they do not require a great level of construction detail. Cross sections are second type of architects drawings display an interior view or vertical cross-section of a building. These typically demonstrate the full height and width of the structure at once.

A third kind of architect drawing is elevation drawing. They show exterior aspects of a building. Most building plans include elevations of a building from all available angles. The fourth important architectural drawing is detail drawing. They demonstrate builders the technical aspects of a specific section of the building. These sections are generally complex and required to be drawn carefully in order to build them.

Architectural drawings provide a base for the scheduling and budgeting of the project well before the construction process is started. Without architectural plans, it is difficult for the building contractor to provide cost estimation or practical schedule for the project. These drawings help demonstrate major aspects of a project and facilitate careful planning. Contractors can validate necessary material supplies, equipment availability and estimated man power from existing schematic drawings.

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