Architectural Drawings | How Architectural Draftsmen Help in the Architecture Drawings Process

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Architectural Drafters find huge demand in today's ever growing construction industry and are employed acrossed different verticals such as building construction, product design, urban development and non-building business.

Architectural Draftsmen, also termed as Architectural Drafters, analyze the design sketches and concepts provided by architects and convert them into detailed, dimensionally accurate and measured architectural drawings. They apply their insight of architecture design, construction materials and building codes to generate plans for buildings that are structurally stable. These drawings are then used as guides in construction.

Most drafters today create architectural drawings through Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) software. Some Architectural Draftsmen have a specialization in the areas of residential buildings, industrial plans, commercial buildings or structures using particular standards, codes and material.

Typical duties of an architectural drafter:

* Produce architectural and working drawings showing plans, elevations, sections, materials, finishes and other features such as landscaping, interior and exterior, layouts, drainage, car parking and plumbing
* Investigate architects' or other designs, and prepare primary sketches, scribbles and detailed instructions
* Use CADD software or manually produce designs, detailed drawings and documentation
* Prepare working drawings showing plans, elevations, sections, materials and finishes, as well as other aspects such as layouts, plumbing, drainage, car parking and landscaping
* Estimate the quantity and quality of materials required, material and labor costs and project schedule dates
* Clarify client briefs and develop sketch plans for client approval
* Help prepare building plan specifications to suit individual customers
* Represent or help architects on building sites to ensure that plans and specifications are strictly adhered
* Negotiate with regional/local government authorities
* Evaluate relevant codes and by-laws in the course of executing project documentation

Deep insight structure design and analysis along with an eye for accuracy are key components of becoming an Architectural Draftsman. Architectural Drafters use computer aided design (CAD) software tools such as ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, 3D Max and Microstation to draw technical and working drawings for buildings.

Must have skills of an architectural draftsmen:

* Able to visualize ideas in three-dimensional (3-D) form
* Enjoy technical drawing and working with computers
* Inclination towards building technology
* Precision, neatness and patience in drawing work
* Logical analyst
* A beat of artistic talent in freehand drawing

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