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My weekly page update:

This week's dose features Million Donkey Hotel in Prata Sannita, Italy by feld72:
this week's dose

The featured past dose is Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden by Ake Larsson:
featured past dose

This week's book review is Build-On: Converted Architecture and Transformed Buildings edited by Robert Klanten and Luke Feireiss:
this week's book review

Some unrelated links for your enjoyment:
A blog "committed to taking opinion and observation on architecture – in New York and beyond - to a higher level of detail and insight." (added to sidebar under blogs::architecture)

Design Against the Elements
"A global architectural design competition meant to find a solution to the problems presented by climate change...the project aims to draw together the most innovative minds in the fields of architecture, design, and urban planning to develop sustainable and disaster-resistant housing for communities in tropical urban settings."

A blog "intending to convey part of the design process as it surfaces from the unconscious to the conscious" by Houston, Texas-based BRAVE / ARCHITECTURE. (added to sidebar under blogs::offices/architects)

Time Tells
"About Historic Preservation, History, Heritage, Landmarks in Chicago and the rest of the world and the technotempo of current times and past times." (added to sidebar under blogs::urban)

Vacant Plots
"A platform for speculation, observation, narration, and fictionalization." (added to sidebar under blogs::culture)

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