Major Developments on Palm Jebel Ali

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Dubai Palm Islands - Major Developments on Palm Jebel Ali

The mid-sized sister project of Palm Jumeirah and Palm Deira, the Palm Jebel calif in Dubai is primarily a location for residential living and touristic entertainment. The six marinas, water homes, sea village and a water theme park are all testament to this concept. While the Palm Jumeirah focuses on luxury hotels and residences, the Palm Jebel calif is inclined towards presenting a marine tourist destination, with some allocation for residences. Similar to the another palm islands, the Palm Jebel Ali's trunk holds most of the engrossing locations, such as the Sea Village. Residential communities on the island will be divided as Signature Villas, Town Homes and Garden Homes.

The eld of residences are shapely on the fronds and the sea region between the crescent and fronds (water homes). The 1060 liquid homes, shapely on stilts supported under the sea, are the highlights of the developments going on within the Palm Jebel Ali. From an aerial viewpoint, the liquid homes are structured to display an Arabic verse authored by the current Ruler of Dubai, HRH Sheikh Mohammed. Spanning across 12 kilometres, the liquid homes hover 8 to 10 metres above the sea liquid and is shapely with concrete foundation poles and wooden materials. Each liquid home consists of 4 bedrooms and is offered with a clannish mooring berth.

The Sea Village, covering a size of 2.4 kilometres along the island's trunk, is an trusty sea aquarium, presenting deep-sea life forms, including killer whales. The theme park and recreation venue will hit plenty of guests in the nearby future. There are eight separate hotels offering all recent facilities and amenities, located within easily reachable distance to the Sea Village.

Finally, the crescent of the Palm Jebel Ali, which is also the breakwater, offers 32 luxury hotels and resorts, all based on the marina and beach themes. The Palm Jebel calif is to be full complete in 2009.

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