Dubai Islands - Infrastructural Developments – The Palm Jumeirah

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Dubai Islands - Infrastructural Developments – The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is often promoted as a prime property instruction for luxury residences and commercial towers, but the groundwork of it all is in the enlarge infrastructure, which is rarely discussed. Since the utilization is located approximately four kilometres away from the important land, there's a lot of advanced infrastructural work finished to provide the ultra voluptuous facilities offered at the Palm Jumeirah.

IGY Anchor Marina

The important marina for access into the Palm Jumeirah island has the capacity for 700 or more yachts and megayacht docking. The broad accepted artefact also provides retail, dining, clubhouse and special events venues, along with beautiful sea views and modern berthing services. Managed by th Island Global Yatching (IGY) company, the Palm Jumeirah's Anchor Marina module have digit unessential marinas located on either lateral of the island's Trunk.
IGY Anchor Marina


The Monorail is developed with the aim of providing favourable accessibility to the Palm Jumeirah island's different sites and attractions. Starting from the Gateway Station located on the Trunk and extending to the Atlantis Station on the Crescent, the Monorail is a 5.4 kilometre instrumentation system. The rail tracks will pass through the island's Trunk, Fronds and Crescent, with intermittent stops at the Trump International Hotel & Tower and the Luxury Retail Centre.

Dubai Monorail

The Park
Flanking the sides of the iconic Trump International Hotel & Tower, a 7-hectare recreational park will be the centrepiece of Palm Jumeirah's attractions.

Jumeirah Park

Sub-Sea Tunnel

The Sub-Sea Tunnel is a 1.4 kilometre long, 6-lane underwater tunnel. Built as the chief installation connection between the main Palm Jumeirah country and the route Crescent, the Sub-Sea Tunnel accommodates 3 lanes per traffic direction and is equipped with service/emergency cell as well.

Dubai - Sub-Sea Tunnel

Logo Islands

Besides the main Palm Jumeirah development, there are digit identical staged islands measuring 4.9 meg boxlike feet built in the appearance of The Palm trademark trademark (a progressive palm leaf design) settled on either side of the Trunk. These digit islands are personally owned by the Vice President & Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Dubai - Logo Islands

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